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Online Access (EZProxy): Sign Up Here!

This is the sign up form for off-campus journals and e-book access.

Journals Log-in Application

After an IT Web Sense update on Tuesday, June 30, Google Forms is no longer accessible through any Winthrop network. While we work on this situation, please direct all online access requests to Melissa Spangenberg via email at with the following information:

Employee ID:
If you are a student, resident, or fellow, enter the date on which you complete your rotation at Winthrop:
First name:
Last name:
E-mail address:
Pager number:
Work address:
Phone number (Work):
Home address:
Phone number (Home):

Journals Login (EZProxy) Q&A

Another login?

But one of the only ones you'll need!  The Journal (EZProxy) Login will allow you to access password protected journals from outside of Winthrop. Instead of 1523 unique passwords to remember, there's only one.

So, what is EZProxy?

EZProxy is the name of the proxy service we use for journal access.

And how does this work?


No, seriously. After logging into EZProxy, the program installs a message (in techie terms: a cookie) into your browser. This tells journals that you are coming from Winthrop and have the authority to view subscribed content. Without the cookie, content providers would have no way of knowing who you are.

In the library, you won't have to use the login because you are on the Winthrop network.